Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Sweet Fragrance

Now thanks be to God who always
leads us in triumph in Christ,
and through us diffuses the fragrance
of His knowledge in every place.
For we are to God the fragrance of Christ
among those who are being saved
and among those who are perishing.

--2 Corinthians 2:14-15 NKJV

Have you all looked around lately at the faces people are carrying around? Somber faces... frowns... irritated brows... sullen eyes...what's wrong? Have you ever been guilty of carrying around any of these? Not too long ago, my daughter said to me, "Mom, why don't you ever smile, anymore?" I said, "I smile! I smile all the time!" She said, "You used to, but not very often anymore..." I said, "Really?" She said, "Yep," and went about her day. Huh? What? I smile. Don't I? I thought I was carrying around a happy demeanor. Haven't I been? Apparently not.

It's funny how many things we do that we don't recognize. We get so caught up in the busyness of our days that we don't always take the time to think how others interpret our body language. Oh my goodness, the conviction I felt when my child said this to me! Sometimes it's the smallest voices that we hear the loudest. All this time, I thought I was a fairly happy person, quick with a smile. Maybe not as quick as I once had been...maybe a little too busy...a little too caught up in the doings of every day to smile. Oh gracious...have I really forgotten how to smile? Sure enough, that blue-eyed genius of mine is on to something.

I recognize it in myself because I see it in others. The man who pushes past me at the department store, mumbling under his breath...the woman that cuts me off in traffic...the teenager that doesn't even look me in the eye at the drive-thru...the cashier who speaks to me as if she's a robot, not really caring to hear my you recognize these people? Of course, I noticed it in others. I have moaned and groaned about how rude and uncaring others are. It really bothers me because in them I see myself. "Yeah, hon, it's a really cute let me finish what I'm doing...," I say with barely a glance at my child. "Uh-huh, uh-huh, really, huh...," I say to my husband as he's telling me about his day, not caring to listen. "I don't have time for that." "I'll read you a book later." Oh, the Holy Spirit is speaking right to my heart. I am those people! Why would anyone want what I have? I never have time for anyone else. I'm too busy carrying around my own burdens. I display my frown like a trophy for all to see. My bad mood shows in every wrinkle between my brows. Where's my smile? My laughter? My joy? Who would want my Jesus? Could they tell a difference in me whose hope and faith is in Jesus and someone without that hope? Where's the difference? Can they see the difference?

God certainly used my sweet girl to call attention to this matter and it needs to be corrected, immediately. Yes, times are hard. Yes, suffering and heartache abound. Yes, there is hurt and loss. Yes, there is stress in every day. Yes, people are sometimes mean and unkind. However, this world is not the end of me! I know Jesus. I know Who holds tomorrow. I know there is rest in Jesus. I know there is a land of Living Water. I know Him! Oh my soul, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and present your face forward with a smile! We have Hope! Everywhere you go, show those pearly whites with joy in your heart. Laugh. Have a good time. Breathe in Jesus and breathe out His sweet, sweet fragrance. Oh, the sweet fragrance of Hope, Joy, Peace, and Salvation! Leave that fragrance behind you every where you go, so that others will want what you have. They will want joy because of Jesus. They will want hope because of Jesus. They will want peace because of Jesus. They will want salvation because of the sweet fragrance of Jesus. They will want what keeps you going with a smile. Oh, it's bottled up in you already if you know Jesus as Savior, but you have to take the cap off, pull the tab, push the button, and release the sweet fragrance of Jesus!

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Barbara said...

Wonderful post you, I think we just get so busy, that things that matter most get pushed to the side...the little things that mean so much. Everyone needs hope and everyone needs a smile.