Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Have We Done?

What have we done? This is the question I pondered after David and I unloaded our moving trailer, after an eight hour drive, into a too small duplex destined to hold three kids and two (about-to-pass out-from-exhaustion) parents. Looking around all I could see were boxes. Boxes...Boxes...BOXES! And, that's when it hit me...we moved. We really moved. We moved away from all that was familiar. We moved away from our family. We moved way out of our comfort zone. We moved 500 miles away. We really moved. Yes, we moved and what have we gotten ourselves in to?

I had a moment of panic...well, fear if I'm honest. What-ifs were running through my head. Even though my husband and kids were with me, I felt alone. I felt very alone. I wanted to cry and was very near tears when I heard it...a small whisper in my heart, "I'm here." That's just what I needed to calm my crazy, irrational heart. So, as I was reigning in the emotions, I reminded myself of the facts. I am never alone. No matter what my situation, no matter where I am, I am never alone. Jesus walks with me. Funny, how the facts can chase away the fear. I am so thankful that He whispers sweet peace to me, for without Jesus, there is no peace.

So today, I'm still looking at several boxes and feeling a little overwhelmed,but I'm okay. I'm not alone. Jesus is here. And, again today, like everyday, I know He will see me through. Thank you, Lord.


Barbara said...

Oh Becky...I am praying for you...I have been off the blog for a couple of months so not sure where you are or why....but I recognize that fear or uncertainty...and I also recognize the comfort of the Father in your words. He is already speaking to you.....and I will be praying for each day to be confirmation that you are doing His will and that blessings will come from it. I have missed your posting...so even though I know unpacking is exhausting I hope you will try to blog a little so we know how its going!...Just think this town has royalty moving in.....Daughter of the King!!

Barbara said...

Oh Becky, I am praying for you...I've been away a while so not sure where you are or why you moved, but I recognize that fear or uncertainity in your writing....I also recognize the voice of the Father in what you wrote...He is with you. I pray that you will post and let us know how its going...and I will be praying for God's blessings of new friends, a great church family, financial blessings....all the good things He has for you to make the move easier for you.....Besides, this town has royalty moving in....Daughter of the King!

Shay said...

Awwww. Ive never moved before, or been away from family. I am praying for you though, you are never alone.

Becky said...

Thank you ladies! Sometimes God orchestrates our lives in ways we never considered. We are doing well. We are now residing in southeast Georgia. My husband has started a new job, so that is why we moved. (And why I haven't been faithful in blogging). We both felt God was leading us, so we are just going to trust Him, no matter how we feel. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. You'll never know what it means to me. Blessings to you!