Friday, January 28, 2011

A Common Caterpillar...

"You know, God, it's okay that I'm just a common caterpillar. You love me and that makes me special." -Hermie by Max Lucado

I'm so ho-hum... predictable... dependable... boring. I'm a very common caterpillar. I sometimes look around at the lives of others and think, "I'll never do that or have that or be that." I guess if we are all honest, we have all felt like that at one time or another in our lives. Well, I have...maybe I'm the only one. This is something I struggle with quite often. It may have to do with self-esteem issues, or it may have more to do with jealousy, or maybe just plain selfishness. This morning I was struggling with the, "Well, if I had what they had, I could do what they do," attitude. (Just being honest here, folks). Making excuses for myself. Feeling a tinge of envy. Having a lot of attitude. It's just not pretty. This attitude does nothing for my heart. It throws a kink in my relationship with the Lord. IT'S JUST NOT PRETTY.

God sometimes gets my attention in the simplest of ways. My baby girl asked me to read her a book this morning Hermie by Max Lucado. Hermie is a common caterpillar. He thinks he's nothing special. But, Hermie prays. That is not common for a caterpillar. God keeps telling Hermie, "Don't worry! I'm not finished with you, yet!" So here I am reading aloud this precious book, when the Holy Spirit opens my eyes to the words..."You know, God, it's okay that I'm just a common caterpillar. You love me and that makes me special."

Tears streaming down my cheeks, "Yes God, I hear you. You do love me and THAT is the ONLY thing that makes me special. Your love in me. Thank you for never giving up on me. Please keep working on me."

Looking around at others and judging myself by what I perceive their lives to be, is just ridiculous. I don't have what they have. I don't have their gifts. God has given me my own gifts. I don't have their struggles. God has not equipped me to handle those struggles. I don't live their lives. God has given me my own life to live. My own life. I can't live the life of someone else. My life is special because this is the life God has given me. I can do with my life what no other person can do, because it is my life and God loves me and that is what makes me special.

Isn't it funny how God uses even common caterpillars to make a big point? Maybe being a common caterpillar isn't so bad.

:) Becky

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