Monday, May 9, 2011

Love the Unlovable

Lord, my heart is troubled.  My thoughts are jumbled.  My prayer is weak.  Help me to be still in Your Presence.  Let me return to my refuge in You, Lord.  Help me find a quiet place so I can hear You speak to me.  Change my heart.  Help me see through Your eyes.  Help me to love all people and strive to see the good in them.  You are Creator of all things and all people.  All people need love, even those who refuse to accept it.  Help me love the unlovable.  Help me to see those who are overlooked by the world, to lend an ear to hear.  Help me to see the boastful as scared and insecure.  Help me see those who are cold and withdrawn as lonely and afraid.  Help me to see those who are loud and puffed up as needing Your love and attention.  Help me see those who struggle with depression and negative thoughts as those who need Your loving touch.  Help me be a missionary to all people, Your people...all those You love.  Help me to always remember:  All people need love, especially those who refuse to accept it.


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