Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That Hated Handout!

Spring Break is over. The kids headed back to school this morning. They were not looking forward to it, to say the least. On the other hand, I might be just a little joyful about it. I am exhausted! I'm sure in a couple of hours, I'll be missing them and their chatter. I always do!

Let me tell you what I did this morning...(some days I think my elevator can't get out of the basement). As I was stuffing the kids lunch boxes into their backpacks, I had to take Zack's notebook out because everything was just crammed in there. You know how boys are! I looked inside his notebook to remove his school papers and what did I find? Well, I read a handout that said spring pictures were on Tuesday, March 24. Yikes! So, you know me, I had to get Zack out a different outfit (Bailey's was fine for pics), I had to iron both of their clothes. I had to help them with their hair. All the while, Zack is complaining that he doesn't like the shirt I picked out...the sleeves are too tight...yada, yada, yada. Bailey is complaining because I want to flat iron her hair. I don't usually do this for Bailey's hair. However, it tends to get a little wild because she has a natural wave and on picture days I try to tame it! Zack, of course, has a cowlick which a torrential rain could not make lay down. It's just one of those crazy mornings! We complete our tasks with five minutes to spare before the bus arrives.

I put the kids on the bus with a kiss and a wave, came back in the house, poured myself a cup of coffee, and was feeling very satisfied that I pulled it all together. I began straightening all those papers I pulled from Zack's notebook. I glance over that hated handout once more and guess what? Spring pictures are Wednesday, March 25. UUUUUgggghhh! I have no idea what happened to the handout I read an hour earlier, but I'm certain little elves have come in and replaced the handout I read to torture me! Oh boy, am I ever going to hear about this when the kids get home?!?! Oh well, some days you just have to smile. At least they looked pretty for today!

Happy Tuesday! Right?

:) Becky

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Runner Mom said...

Bless your sweet Mama heart! I am with you all the way on those handouts!!


Melanie said...

Sounds just like something I would do!