Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Those the world overlooks

Driving through Atlanta, Georgia a few weeks ago, I glimpsed something that broke my heart and brought an awareness to my soul.  Traveling down I-75 early in the morning, my husband was driving and I was alone with my thoughts when I spotted them.  Two people sleeping on the concrete wrapped in sleeping bags on the side of the interstate.  They were out in the open.  Everyone would've been able to see them if they were looking.  They weren't under a bridge, but sleeping on the concrete of an elevated median.  My heart broke.

I wondered aloud, "Why would they sleep there?"  My husband responded, "It's probably safer than on the city streets.  No one will bother them there." Sleeping on the side of I-75 was safer?  Safer than what?  What had led these two people to that moment? Why were they being overlooked? What had happened in their lives to make them think they had no place to go? 

As I pondered these things, I began to pray for those two precious beings...that God would give them Hope.  I wanted to turn around.  I wanted to find out their story.  It wasn't safe to do so because of the speed of traffic that day.  So I prayed.  And still I pray.  The world overlooks those it doesn't deem important.  Those that are broken and have nothing of material value to offer are ignored...rejected.  The world will not even look them in the eye. They don't get a second glance.  How did we get here, to this place without compassion?

I pray that God will open my eyes to see those the world overlooks.  That I will take time to extend compassion, love, and a word of Hope.  Jesus loves those the world rejects.  He went out of His way to love those and touch those who were labeled worthless...beggars, prostitutes, tax collectors, poor, and broken....sinners just like me. I challenge you to open your eyes and see those who need Hope...a touch from Jesus.  I pray we all would be the hands and feet of the Savior to the lost and dying world.

:) Becky

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